Troubleshooting Currents integration with Cypress

We are suspending our support of Cypress test runner version 13+

We will continue to support prior versions of Cypress.

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If you are experiencing issues with using @currents/cli or cypress-cloud, please submit a support request either via in-app support chat or on GitHub:

Please collect the following information to help us effectively debug the problem:

  • The associated dashboard run URL

  • Screenshots if applicable

  • The exact command used to run currents or cypress-cloud

  • Configuration files (cypress.config.{jt}s and currents.config.js)

  • CI environment information (use the command below)

npx envinfo --system --binaries --browsers --npmPackages --duplicates --npmGlobalPackages
  • Activate debug mode and collect the logs

Please capture and share the whole debug log - that will help the support person identify the root cause faster

Enabling DEBUG mode for cypress-cloud@1.9.0+

Starting from version 1.9.0 cypress-cloud provides a CLI flag for activating the debug mode.

npx cypress-cloud run ... --cloud-debug

You can specify the scope of debug messages printed

  • true | all show all debug messages

  • cypress activate debug mode for cypress only

  • currents activate the debug mode for currents only

  • commit-info activate the debug mode for git commit info only

Enabling DEBUG mode for @currents/cli and cypress-cloud < 1.9.0

# on Linux
DEBUG=currents:*,cypress:* npx cypress-cloud run ...

# on Windows
cmd /V /C "set DEBUG=currents:*,cypress:*&& npx cypress-cloud run ..."

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