Send Cypress and Playwright tests results to Bitbucket

Currents integration with Bitbucket allows updating Bitbucket Pipeline build status with additional data from Cypress or Playwright test executions.

Enabling Bitbucket Integration

  • Navigate to the project that integrates with Bitbucket

  • Select Manage Project > Integrations and then click + Add Integration > BitBucket

  • Enter the details as appears on the screen, then click Save

    • URL - repository URL, make sure you have write permissions to this repository

    • Username - your username

    • App Password - Bitbucket App Password with repo:write access. Create One

    • Build Name (Optional) - the label for posting build status updates

When enabled, Current will post Cypress test results to the corresponding pipeline execution. You

can have multiple Bitbucket integrations configured for the same project. Currents will use git commit data (repo name, commit sha) for posting the results.

Disabling Bitbucket Integration

To disable Bitbucket integration, choose the integration you want to delete in Project > Manage Project > Integrations, and then expand the integration card and click Remove.

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