Access to Customer Data

Overview of Customer Data that Currents collects during its execution

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What types of data does Currents have access to?

We collect diverse data from our users' test suites, which are strictly limited to their specific use cases, test executions, or administrative purposes within the organization. Below is a list of the data collected and processed by Currents.

Team / Administration

  • Team member emails

  • Team member names (provided by administrators - might not be real names)

  • IP addresses used to access the system

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  • Organization name (might not be a real name)

  • Estimated amount of tests

  • Estimated organization size

  • Domain of the organization (based on the registration email)

  • Project name

Test Results

  • Test runner configuration

  • Test results and timing

  • Test execution steps details

  • Test errors and exceptions

  • Test source code snippets accessible in testing framework results


  • Playwright traces

  • Screenshots

  • Videos

  • Terminal stdout and stderr produced while executing a test

CI Environments

  • Git information: commit message, commit sha, commit branch, commit author, remote origin.

  • CI-specific: Environment variables, build ID, pipeline ID, CI provider type, Pull Request details.

  • Machines: OS type, OS memory, CPU type.


  • GitHub: No access to data or repos source code; we post comments and status check updates for Pull Requests. The integration application is listed here:, and the list of permissions appears as part of the setup.

  • GitLab: We list repositories and projects, refresh oAuth tokens, post notes and status check updates to Merge Requests, fetching Merge Request details.

  • BitBucket: No access to data; we only post status check updates for Pull Requests.

  • Microsoft Teams, Slack: No access to data, just posting messages within the restrictions of the platform's rules.

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