Project Settings

Fine-tune your project settings

After creating a project, you can modify its settings by navigating to Manage Project > Settings on the left menu. Below are the settings available and their descriptions:

  • Project ID: This ID is immutable and cannot be edited, but you can copy the Project ID to include it in your Continuous Integration (CI) settings.

  • Project Name: It can be edited at any time to reflect the nature or stage of your project.

  • Time Out Minutes: The duration (in min a run will timeout if it hasn't been completed. Adjust this setting based on your tests' complexity and expected duration to avoid premature terminations or unnecessary waiting times. Read more on Run Timeouts.

  • Enable Fail Fast Strategy: This feature allows you to configure the project to stop a test run when the first test failure is detected. It provides faster feedback during testing cycles, saving time and resources by halting runs that are likely to fail.

  • Parallel Execution Strategy: It defines how Currents prioritizes and executes test spec files when running tests in --parallel mode, either based on Failure rate or Expected duration. For detailed information, refer to the Load Balancing documentation.

Through the Project Settings, you can also delete or archive the project. Deleting a project permanently removes it and all associated data, and this action cannot be undone, so proceed with caution. If you need this project data in the future, opt for the archiving feature, which allows you to recover the project later.

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