Canceling Runs

Cancelling Cypress and Playwright CI tests runs

Runs that are currently in progress can be cancelled using the dashboard controls or via an API call.

Cancelling a run can be useful for:

  • preventing a run from timing out

  • optimizing usage of your CI provider resources

  • reducing the number of recorded tests

Please note: Cancelling a run cannot be undone

Cancelling Playwright or Cypress CI runs from the Currents dashboard

In-progress runs can be cancelled by clicking the "Cancel Run" button in the Runs Feed view.

You can also cancel a run when from the Run Details view.

Cancelling Playwright or Cypress CI runs via an API call

You can programmatically cancel a run via the PUT runs/:runId/cancel HTTP API call. For example, here is an example of curl command that cancels a particular run

curl --location --request PUT '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <currents API token>'

By using the API call you can extend the - for example:

  • cancel a run after CI pipeline is stopped/cancelled

  • cancel a run when a particular condition is met, e.g.:

    • activate HTTP Webhooks and parse the results

    • based on the results (e.g. encountering a particular error message), send the cancellation request

  • cancel a run when a certain number of failed tests are detected (it is natively supported via Fail Fast Strategy)

Runs cancelled by fail-fast strategy

If you have Fail Fast Strategy activated for a project, runs cancelled because of fail-fast strategy will be marked with a special badge:

GitHub Actions workflow cancellation

You can automatically cancel Currents runs (cypress and playwright) when cancelling GitHub Actions workflow using cancel-run-gh-action.

Check out the example workflow configuration:

      # Run all Currents tests
      - name: Run Cypress on
        uses: cypress-io/github-action@v4
          command: npx cypress-cloud run --record --parallel --browser chrome --key ${{ secrets.CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY }} --ci-build-id ${{ github.repository }}-${{ github.run_id }}-${{ github.run_attempt}}

      - name: Cancel the run if the workflow is cancelled
        if: ${{ cancelled() }}
        uses: currents-dev/cancel-run-gh-action@v1
          api-token: ${{ secrets.CURRENTS_API_KEY }}
          github-run-id: ${{ github.run_id }}
          github-run-attempt: ${{ github.run_attempt }}

The example above uses a GitHub Actions repository secret named CURRENTS_API_KEY. For creating a new API secret please refer to API Keys.

After the step is enabled, cancelling a GitHub Actions workflow will trigger cancellation:

The associated Currents run will be cancelled with the corresponding notes:

What happens when a run is cancelled?

Cancelling a run affects in-progress and pending tests, as well as integrations and run analytics.

  • the run will be marked as "Cancelled", depending on the test's status, it can also become "Failed" or "Passed". See Run Status.

  • in-progress tests will run to completion, the dashboard will accept their result

  • attempts to start a new test for a cancelled run would fail with the error message Run is cancelled

Cancelling runs and analytics

  • Cancelled runs are excluded from Runs Duration Insights

  • Cancelled runs are excluded from Test / Spec Size Insights

  • Tests recorded as part of a cancelled run are still included in Tests Insights charts

How does cancelling a run affect test records plan usage?

  • Only fully recorded tests consume your organization's test records limit.

  • Cancelled runs do consume your organization's runs limit (for organizations on deprecated runs-based plans)

How does cancelling a run affect integrations (GitHub, Slack, etc.)?

GitHub / BitBucket Commit Status Check

  • Commit status checks will display Cancelled by <username> message

  • Commit status check outcome will be set according to the last known run status, for example

    • if no failed tests were recorded before the cancellation, the status check outcome will be a success

    • otherwise, the status check outcome will be a failure

GitHub PR Comment

  • Currents will post a new PR comment with Cancelled by <username> message

  • PR comment details will be set according to the last known run status

Slack / MS Teams

  • Currents will post a cancellation notification with the last known run results

HTTP Webhook Integration

  • A new HTTP POST request will be emitted with the last known run results. and event type RUN_CANCELED See HTTP Webhooks for details.

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