Integrating Currents dashboard with GitLab

The integration is available for both Playwright and Cypress. The examples and screenshot below are based on Cypress framework.

Currents Dashboard integration with GitLab allows posting commit build statuses as well merge request comments with a summary of your cypress tests.

Example of GitLab commit status

Example of GitLab Merge Request note

Enabling GitLab Integration

In order to install GitLab integration in Currents Dashboard, visit Project Settings -> Integrations and click Connect GitLab repositories.

GitLab Enterprise and self-hosted GitLab users: you'd override the default GitLab Instance Domain with the base URL of your GitLab setup. For example

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new GitLab OAuth App with the following properties:

  • as Redirect URI

  • api scope in the application permissions

Please note: api scope is required for the integration to work correctly. At the time of implementation, GitLab didn't allow setting more granular permissions.

Here's the list of API calls that Currents use:

  • Getting the list of repositories accessible to OAuth token issuer

  • Posting commit build status updates

  • Posting and deleting Merge Request notes

Enter the details (App ID and App Secret) of the newly created GitLab OAuth App and click Connect.

After a successful connection, you will see a dropdown list of accessible GitLab projects (repositories). Select the repository you'd like to integrate with the Currents project and click Save.

Currents Dashboard will start posting commit build statuses and merge request comments with a summary of your Playwright tests for Merge Requests in the selected project.

Customizing GitLab Integration

Toggling GitLab Integration settings change the type of content that is being posted to GitLab

  • Merge Requests Comment - will toggle on / off posting run results summary to a merge request

  • Commit Status - will toggle on / off updating commit status with run results

Disabling GitLab Integration

Clicking Disconnect Project (1) will detach the integration from the currently selected GitLab project. Disconnecting a project would keep GitLab OAuth App credentials. You would still be able to select a different GitLab project from the list to reactivate the integration.

Uninstalling (2) the integration removes the associated credentials and the integration altogether.

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