Integrating with Cypress

Overview of tools available for integrating cypress with Currents or Sorry Cypress

We are suspending our support of Cypress test runner version 13+

We will continue to support prior versions of Cypress.

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Currents and Sorry Cypress provide two ways to integrate with cypress runner using the following npm packages:

Both solutions are open-source tools that provide an executable + a programmatic API for integrating cypress with cloud orchestration and recording services like Currents or Sorry Cypress.

The tools use cypress behind the scenes and provide the same flags and configuration options as the original cypress runner.

What is the difference between @currents/cli and cypress-cloud?

@cypress/cli works by rerouting orchestration and recording network requests to (or sorry-cypress) servers. It uses the original, "native" orchestration protocol defined by the cypress runner. In Feb 2023, team decided to to its internal orchestration and recording protocol, preventing the use of @currents/cli (affected versions are 12.6.0+).

cypress-cloud implements its own parallelization and recording protocol and runs cypress in "offline" mode, without tinkering with the cypress internals. The package uses the conventional public APIs that are available for every developer and that are being used by hundreds of plugins and complimentary tools of Cypress ecosystem. It is compatible with version 10.0.0+ until version 12.7.4 using the Alternative Cypress Binaries for the latest ones.

What package should I use?

We recommend using cypress-cloud for all new installations.

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