Playwright Parallelization

Playwright tests parallelization using shards and reporting the results to Currents

Playwright Sharding

Running Playwright tests on CI eventually will require splitting the spec files between several CI machines for faster execution. Playwright has the built-in ability to split the tests into shards - each shard will run only a subset of tests.

Read more about native Playwright Sharding.

Playwright Orchestration by Currents

As your testing suite grows, you can discover that the native sharding is not always satisfactory and can be optimized:

  • the native split of spec files between machines can be non-optimal, leading to underutilized resources and slow CI runs

  • updating the shards amount requires updating CI configuration

  • spec files' names affect the distribution of tests between shards

  • collecting the reports across multiple machines is cumbersome

Read more about Playwright Orchestration to discover how Currents improves the native orchestration.

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