Billing & Usage

Managing Billing and Subscription for your Organization

The Billing and Usage view is accessible by accessing the org management menu - click on Organization > Billing & Usage. Within the Billing & Usage view, you can explore the organization's usage and plan limits, and manage the subscription and billing email recipients.

Billing Emails

You can add recipients for billing-related notifications:

  • notification about successful payments

  • alerts about non-successful payments

  • invoices and receipts

Please note, that billing notifications are different from operational notifications (by default operations notifications are being sent to all the members with Admin rol)

In order to add additional recipients, navigate to Organization > Billing & Usage. Then add a new email in the Billing Emails section:

Usage Information

The Billing & Usage view displays the Usage section with a daily/monthly breakdown of the recorded tests.

The usage includes a Failed or Passed test recorded to Currents Dashboard. Retries of the same test are considered a single test result, therefore, a Flaky Test counts as one record, regardless of the number of attempts.

Skipped tests it.skip do not count towards usage for billing purposes

How to estimate your test usage

To estimate your test volume, count all your it statements and multiply by your provider's average number of CI runs.

The usage is aggregated hourly to allow precise reporting and calculation of recorded tests.

Usage Information filters

You can filter usage by period and view all past billing cycles. Moreover, you can filter by tests or runs. Most customer contracts are metered by runs.

Usage per project

If you click Show Usage Details, you can see a breakdown of all recorded tests and runs per project created within your organization account.

Extra Usage Plans

If you are still determining how many tests you need per month or if your usage is seasonal, Currents offers extra usage plans in addition to your test package. These extra usage plans offer customers more flexibility to run tests when needed.

When you reach the test limits, Currents will send you an email notification informing you of the activation of the extra usage plan. You also can see the extra recordings progress on the Usage Information:

At the end of the monthly cycle, the billing will include the additional usage recorded. In the case of annual plans, Currents will send a separate bill with the extra tests.

The cost for extra recordings ranges and depends on your plan. For detailed pricing information, please check our pricing page. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via or our in-app support chat.

Legacy Plans

Our legacy plans (created before April 2023) do not have extra usage enabled.

When legacy plan subscribers reach the usage limits, our system automatically increases the quota by 10% to safeguard your usage. Then, you will get emails from our automated system with warnings, asking you to upgrade your subscription or activate an extra usage plan.

You can activate an extra-usage or upgrade the plan in Billing & Usage section:

If upgrading is not an option, you can contact us via or our in-app support chat to activate an extra usage plan to accommodate your increased usage needs.

Please remember that if you surpass your usage limits, Currents will cease recording tests on your organization dashboard. To avoid service interruption, don't hesitate to contact us to activate an extra usage plan or explore subscription upgrades. We're always here to help!

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