Fail Fast Strategy

Fail-fast or cancelling runs on first failure

Automatically cancelling your test suite right after the first failure is called a "fail-fast strategy". Currents dashboard allows tracking the outcome of your tests and automatically cancels runs whenever the first failed spec file is detected.

After executing a spec file, the runner sends the results to the Currents dashboard. The dashboard receives the results, identifies a failed test, and marks the associated run as "cancelled". Any new requests associated with the run will fail with a warning, as a result, cypress runners will not be able to start executing a new spec file for the run.

Please note, that any spec file that is still in progress will run to completion and its results will still be accepted.

Using a "fail-fast" strategy can be beneficial because:

  • it reduces CI resources usage by preventing running additional tests after detecting just a single failure;

  • potentially getting faster feedback for runs with a failed test - you don't need to wait for the run to finish;

  • it reduces the number of tests results recorded on the Currents dashboard;

  • it prevents Run Timeouts when an external tool (CI or a script) terminates cypress tests prematurely.

At the same time, utilizing a "fail-fast" strategy has some caveats:

  • not all the tests will be executed - you will only see the results of a single test - the first test that triggered the "fail-fast" policy;

  • tackling one failure at a time can result in more runs than necessary - one can invest more time and resources, compared to running all the tests regardless of their results.

If you are dealing with a stable and predictable suite of tests that rarely fail - "fail-fast" can be a great way to optimize your cypress tests.

Read more about how cancelling runs affects runs status, analytics and integrations

Enabling fail-fast strategy

To enable the "fail-fast" strategy navigate to the Manage Project screen and toggle Enable Fail Fast Strategy controller.

Customers using our cypress-cloud integration can control the "fail-fast" behaviour using the command line CLI flag --auto-cancel-after-failures <number | false>.

Customers using our @currents/playwright integration can use --pwc-auto-cancel-after-failures <number | false> option.

If set, it overrides the project's default fail-fast strategy setting. If not set, use the default project settings:

  • false prevents fail-fast

  • number aborts the run across all the participating machines failed + skipped tests detected exceed the provided value

For example

  • npx cypress-cloud run --parallel --record --key xxx --ci-build-id id-001 --spec "./cypress/e2e/*.spec.js" --auto-cancel-after-failuresfalse will deactivate the fail-fast strategy, regardless of your project settings

  • npx cypress-cloud run --parallel --record --key xxx --ci-build-id id-001 --spec "./cypress/e2e/*.spec.js" --auto-cancel-after-failures5 will stop the run if more than 5 failed tests detected

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