SSO SAML2.0 Instructions for Currents

Currents supports SSO integration via SAML 2.0. When enabled, authentication will be deferred to your Identity Provider (IdP).

Please note

  • SSO integration is only available for customers with an active subscription

  • Enabling SSO will mandate the auth method for all the team members

Follow the instructions:

Currents SSO Limitations

Please note that there are certain limitations to Currents SSO integration:

  • Custom Roles for team members are not supported - the roles need to be manually configured for each user via the dashboard. New accounts will be created with "member" role.

  • User Deletion - Currents won't be notified if user access is revoked in IdP. You can delete the users on the team page.


Follow the instruction in Troubleshooting SSO section for help.

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