Test History

Explore historical Playwright and Cypress tests performance with Test History snipper

Test History Snipper overview

Test History helps you to review the historical performance of individual tests across different runs and branches.

Each individual dot is an instance of the test. The dots are arranged in chronological order.

Hovering over a dot will show individual run details. Clicking on a dot will open the recorded test instance and reveal its details.

The dots are coloured as follows:

  • red - failed

  • blue - passed

  • purple - passed but flaky

  • grey - test was ignored

  • orange - test was skipped due to a failure

How to access Test History Snippet?

  • While browsing the tests list, click the "Test History" button, this will open the Test History Snippet in Preview mode:

  • While browsing Test Details view, the full Test History Snippet is shown at the top of the view.

Test History Snippet Controls

Show Items

Set the number of test instances to fetch - that includes past and future runs, we'll try to fetch an equal number of future and past instances.

Please note: "Show Items" control is hidden for Preview mode and shows only 10 items.

Collapse Branches

Toggle "Collapse Branches" to show/collapse timelines for individual branches for more effective troubleshooting.

Branch Filter

Show timelines only for selected branches.

Please note: only branches detected within the fetched test instances will show up.


What instances represent the same test across different runs?

Instances with the same spec file, project and title will be considered as belonging to the same test - i.e. renaming a test or renaming a spec file will "detach" it from its history.

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