Setup and usage instructions for Playwright integration with Currents Dashboard


  • NodeJS 14.0.0+

  • Playwright 1.22.2+


Install @currents/playwright package

npm i -D @currents/playwright

Update playwright.config.js|ts

  • Creating a new organization and a project at https://app.currents.dev, you'll see on-screen instructions with your newly created Project ID and Record Key.

  • Enabled traces, videos and screenshots in playwright.config.js|ts

use: {
    // ...
    trace: "on",
    video: "on",
    screenshot: "on",

Using @currents/playwright

Choose the preferred usage method for @currents/playwright

  • pwc CLI command - runs playwright with a predefined configuration.

  • Alternatively, you can add @currents/playwright reporter to playwright.config.ts

pwc CLI command

Run pwc to create your first Playwright run in Currents dashboard.

npx pwc --key RECORD_KEY --project-id PROJECT_ID --ci-build-id hello-currents
  • Set the Record Key, and Project ID obtained from Currents dashboard.

  • Set --ci-build-id to a unique value for local testing. Learn more about CI Build ID for CI runs.

@currents/playwright reporter

Alternatively, you can manually add the reporter to Playwright configuration and keep using playwright test CLI command.

// playwright.config.ts
import { defineConfig, devices, PlaywrightTestConfig } from "@playwright/test";
import { CurrentsConfig, currentsReporter } from "@currents/playwright";

const currentsConfig: CurrentsConfig = {
  ciBuildId: "ci-build-id", // 📖 https://currents.dev/readme/guides/ci-build-id
  recordKey: "secret record key", // 📖 https://currents.dev/readme/guides/record-key
  projectId: "project id", // get one at https://app.currents.dev

export default defineConfig({
  // ...
  reporter: [currentsReporter(currentsConfig)], // 👈🏻 add Currents reporter

You can provide the required configuration as a parameter of currentsReporter function or as environment variables.

CURRENTS_PROJECT_ID=PROJECT_ID \ // the projectId from https://app.currents.dev
CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY=RECORD_KEY \ // the record key from https://app.currents.dev
CURRENTS_CI_BUILD_ID=hello-currents \ // the CI build ID 
npx playwright test

With the reporter configured, you can run npx playwright test to start sending the results to Currents dashboard. Learn more about CI Build ID.

Configuring @currents/playwright

@currents/playwright accepts configuration from the following sources:

  • environment variables, e.g. CURRENTS_TAG=tagA,tagB

  • options of pwc CLI command, e.g. npx pwc ---tag tagA --tag tagB

  • reading currentsReporter JS configuration object, e.g. reporters: [currentsReporter(options)]

The following configuration options are available:

  • --ci-build-id

    • the unique identifier for a run.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_CI_BUILD_ID

    • JS configuration key: ciBuildId?: string

  • -k, --key

    • your secret Record Key obtained from Currents.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY

    • JS configuration key: recordKey: string

  • -p, --project-id

    • the project ID for results reporting obtained from Currents.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_PROJECT_ID

    • JS configuration key: recordKey: string

  • -t, --tag

    • comma-separated tag(s) for recorded runs in Currents.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_TAG

    • JS configuration key: tag?: string[]

    • Released in version: 0.7.0

  • --pwc-remove-title-tags

    • remove tags from test names in Currents, e.g. Test name @smoke becomes Test name in the dashboard (default: false). See Playwright Tags.

    • Environment variable: n/a

    • JS configuration key: removeTitleTags?: boolean = false

    • Released in version: 0.10.0

  • --pwc-disable-title-tags

    • disable parsing tags from test title, e.g. Test name @smoke would not have tag smoke in the dashboard (default: false). See Playwright Tags.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_DISABLE_TITLE_TAGS

    • JS configuration key: disableTitleTags?: boolean = false

    • Released in version: 0.11.0

  • --pwc-cancel-after-failures <number | false>

    • abort the cloud run after the specified number of failed tests detected. Overrides the default Currents Project settings. If set, must be a positive integer or false to override automatic cancellations and project's Fail Fast Strategy. Also, see Canceling Runs andFail Fast Strategy

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_CANCEL_AFTER_FAILURES

    • JS configuration key: cancelAfterFailures?: number | boolean = undefined

    • Released in version: 0.11.0

  • --pwc-debug [boolean | "remote" | "full"]

    • enable collecting debug logs for the reporter (default: false).

      • true will print the debug logs to stdout

      • remote will upload the debug logs to Currents servers.

      • full will print the logs to stdout and also upload to Currents.

    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_DEBUG=true | "remote" | "full"

    • JS configuration key: debug?: boolean | "remote" | "full" = false

    • Released in version: 0.11.3

  • --pwc-output-file <path>

    • file path for run summary output in JSON format. The summary data TypeScript type definition is available:

      import { ExecutionJSONSummary } from '@currents/playwright'
    • Environment variable: CURRENTS_OUTPUT_FILE=/path/to/file.json

    • JS configuration key: outputFile?: string

    • Released in version: 1.2.0

  • -V, --version show package version

  • -h, --help show pwc help

Overriding Configuration

Certain configuration values can have multiple sources, e.g. CLI fag and environment variables. Configuration values will resolve as follows:

  • first, the environment variable, if exists, otherwise

  • the corresponding CLI flag if exists, otherwise

  • currentsReporter JS configuration object, otherwise

  • the default value, otherwise

  • throw if the configuration is mandatory


  • Run all tests in the current directory:

pwc --key <record-key> --project-id <id> --ci-build-id <build-id>    
  • Run only tests filtered by the tag "@smoke":

pwc --key <record-key> --project-id <id> --ci-build-id <build-id> --grep smoke
  • Run playwright tests and add tags "tagA", "tagB" to the recorded run:

pwc --key <record-key> --project-id <id> --ci-build-id <build-id> --tag tagA --tag tagB
  • Provide playwright arguments and flags:

pwc --key <record-key> --project-id <id> --ci-build-id <build-id> -- --workers 2 --timeout 10000 --shard 1/2

CI Examples

Check out the example repositories that showcase running Playwright tests on popular CI providers and recording the results to Currents:

Explore how to speed up CI Playwright runs by running enabling Playwright Parallelization.

Good To Know


By default, Playwright only captures screenshots at the end of a test, according to the provided screenshot option. Manually created screenshots are hidden by default and won't be attached to any test.

To send screenshots to Currents, they have to be attached to the test. For example, you can attach a screenshot to a test like this

const { test, expect } = require("@playwright/test");

test("basic test", async ({ page }, testInfo) => {
  await page.goto("<https://playwright.dev>");
  const screenshot = await page.screenshot();
  await testInfo.attach("screenshot", {
    body: screenshot,
    contentType: "image/png",

For more information see the Playwright test info attachment documentation.


  • Rerunning with the same CI build ID would generate a warning and new results would not be uploaded. Please use a new CI build ID.

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