Your First Cypress Run

Running Cypress tests in parallel with Currents Dashboard

We are suspending our support of Cypress test runner version 13+

We will continue to support prior versions of Cypress.

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Setting up Currents for running and recording cypress tests in parallel can be done seamlessly within a few minutes.

Here's an overview of what steps you'll need to take to start running cypress tests in parallel using the Currents dashboard:

  • Create an organization and a project

  • Install cypress and cypress-cloud npm packages

  • Create a new configuration file currents.config.js with the newly created projectId and a record key

  • Update cypress.config.js to include the cypress-cloud/plugin plugin

  • Use cypress-cloud CLI command to create your cypress run

  • Update your CI provider configuration

Create New Organization and a Project

After signing up for the dashboard service, you will be prompted to create a new organization and a project. You can change the name later.

After creating a new organization and a project, you'll see on-screen instructions with your newly created projectId

Install cypress and cypress-cloud

npm install cypress cypress-cloud

Create currents.config.js

Create a new configuration file and put it in your project's root folder:

// currents.config.js
module.exports = {
  projectId: "Ij0RfK", // the projectId from
  recordKey: "xxx", // the record key from

Install cypress-cloud plugin

const { defineConfig } = require('cypress')
const { cloudPlugin } = require("cypress-cloud/plugin");

module.exports = defineConfig({
  // ...
  e2e: {
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
      return cloudPlugin(on, config);

Create your first cypress run

Run currents command to create your first cypress run in Currents dashboard.

npx cypress-cloud run \
--parallel \
--record \
--ci-build-id hello-currents

See all the available options npx cypress-cloud --help.

Running this command will create a new run in Currents dashboard.

Update your CI provider configuration

To unlock the full power of Currents dashboard, update your CI provider configuration to use Currents for running your cypress tests in parallel. Please read our Parallelization Guide and check out few CI Setup examples for popular CI tools.

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