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Running Cypress test in parallel on Azure DevOps and Currents Dashboard

This guide will help you to run Cypress tests in parallel using Azure DevOps and Currents Dashboard. The example showcases using 3 Azure DevOps containers for parallelizing the execution using Currents as an orchestration and reporting service.

TLDR; Check out the example Azure DevOps pipeline configuration file

  • Connect a new/existing pipeline to a repository containing your Cypress tests

  • Make sure that your cypress.config.js file has the correct projectId. You can fetch the projectId by navigating to and then Project Name > Manage Project

  • Make sure that both cypress and cypress-cloud are listed in your package.json as dependencies

  • Create or modify an existing Variable Group, and add a new secret variable called CURRENTS_SECRET. You can grab the secret key at Currents Dashboard > Org Name (Header Menu) > Record Keys

  • Modify your azure-pipelines.yml file and use this file as a reference.

  - job: Cypress_e2e_tests
      vmImage: "ubuntu-latest"
    # Use 3 containers for parallel execution, use 
      parallel: 3
    # Fetch the secrets from Variable Group names "Currents"
      - group: Currents
      # Use Node@16 container
      - task: NodeTool@0
          versionSpec: "16.x"
          displayName: "Install Node.js"

      # Speed up the execution by caching the dependencies
      - task: CacheBeta@1
          key: npm | $(Agent.OS) | package-lock.json
          path: /home/vsts/.npm
          restoreKeys: npm | $(Agent.OS) | package-lock.json
        displayName: Cache NPM packages

      # cache cypress binary, which is installed at a different location
      - task: CacheBeta@1
          key: cypress | $(Agent.OS) | package-lock.json
          path: /home/vsts/.cache/Cypress
          restoreKeys: cypress | $(Agent.OS) | package-lock.json
        displayName: Cache Cypress binary

      # Install Node dependencies
      - script: npm ci
        displayName: "Install NPM dependencies"

      # Grab 
      # at 
      # Read more about CI Build ID:

      # Note the use of `currents` command
      - script: |
          npx cypress-cloud run --record --parallel --key $CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY --ci-build-id $BUILD_BUILDNUMBER
        displayName: "Run Currents tests"

Pipeline executions will be orchestrated via the Currents Dashboard, and execution results and artifacts will be automatically uploaded as well.

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