Project Management

Features to better manage and visualize projects

Customizable Projects Summary view

Customize project settings within the default Projects Summary view by adjusting the lookback period and applying filters like tags, branches, and authors for each project individually.

The feature allows you to adapt project management parameters to suit the unique requirements of each project, resulting in precise and tailored project overviews.

Archiving and Unarchiving Projects

Archiving projects on the Currents Dashboard allows you to temporarily set aside projects while retaining access to essential data and test results associated with those projects.

On the organization's main page on Currents Dashboard, you can view and manage all the projects associated with your organization. This feature is precious when you need to manage a large number of projects within your organization, some of which may not be actively in use for a while.

Archiving and unarchiving projects is a way to keep your workspace organized and decluttered by moving less active projects out of sight while still being able to access and work on them when necessary. It ensures you can focus on what's currently in progress and easily find and manage older or less active projects when needed.

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